Scooter Train

So today I got my bum off this couch and took a ride into the desert. Such a beautiful day, I just gotta get outta here! I snapped tons of photos of course, here is the first set. I’ve seen these scooter trains as I call them out here before. They are likely great fun for the tourists but I am concerned for their safety.

The road is Charleston Boulevard which crosses the entire valley proper from east to west but continues for many miles west of the city into the Red Rock Canyon area. There are some seriously ignorant drivers out there once in a while, that concerns me for the scooters and the tons of bicycles riding the shoulders.

You would likely agree with me should you have seen the assholes on motorcycles riding wheelies at high speed, passing you thereby risking my life and truck. Here in Clark County if the police catch you doing that shit or similar, you just forfeited your bike. It’s going to be placed in a crusher and smashed into a small cube. And rightly so!


6 thoughts on “Scooter Train

  1. Any time you mix large and small vehicles on the same road… I’d not feel safe, either. I suspect driving on the shoulder is better than in the lane, but I’m surprised they don’t have slow moving vehicle signs on the back of them. That’s a requirement in my state for things like tractors and other slow vehicles.

    • I agree Doug! In Michigan, the backside of tractors have the reflective triangle on the back. It’s just too dangerous for these people to be on the side sooo close to my 4000 pound pickup and multi-ton trucks.

  2. Those are weird 3-wheeled scooters. Looks like a scooter club. At lest they have roll bars and the occupants are wearing helmets.

    • There is a company that takes folks on these tours along Charleston Boulevard, they make a really huge loop. I would not feel safe! I bet they all must sign liability release forms…

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