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I didn’t intend to take a short hike yesterday but I did and was very surprised at how well I did walking up the gentle ups and downs of this trail I’d been on several times in seven years here. It’s a heart condition that slows me down. It was so darn nice to hike again! What had me start walking was a literal busload of children showing up.

I had just set down on a picnic table to wait for some Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels and birds to get close enough for some good photos. The children exiting the bus about one hundred foot away was enough to change the animal’s behaviors such that I just got up and started walking uphill and away from the noise. I did my time with children!

I passed a few people and two couples along the trail. It still amazes me how people here are just not as friendly as the people in Michigan are. Say hello to some, you are totally ignored. Others acknowledge you and move on. Then the one woman with a helmet on, a small backpack and hiking poles came by. She said hello to me! Shocked!

These little poles along the trail are new, they weren’t here my last time out a good while ago. The BLM also placed large rocks along several areas of the trail to guide hikers away from areas they had been hiking in and shouldn’t have been. I’m glad to see efforts to preserve the natural beauty of the desert, of course I have a photo.


9 thoughts on “Along The Trail

  1. Our neighbor said they found a baby rattlesnake curled up in a box in their garage! Yikes! I’m not cleaning out our garage anytime soon thanks to that story. Fortunately I haven’t spotted any out here either, John. But I know they’re around.

    • Use a scuffle hoe or similar, poke about to be sure! All I find in my home are weird bugs and an occasional Scorpion in summer.

      A pest control company hits my home as needed, no nasties in a good while.

  2. There is an easy hike at one of my favorite places, Agate Fossil Beds National Monument in Northwest Nebraska. At the very start of a narrow paved trail, there’s a sign warning of rattlesnakes. A few feet beyond the sign, there used to be a bullsnake that frequently came out on the path to warm just as you passed the sign…! Good for a quick fright, I’ll tell you, even though I was aware of the snake’s residency in that area. I never spotted a rattlesnake there, though I have no doubt the exist in that territory.

    • Thank you for the link, Doug, very interesting! Why have I not seen a single snake of any kind around here? I’m always very observant while walking out there… A machete would handle that snake right quick! 😂

      • For one thing, rattlesnakes are shy. The classic coiled rattler is a snake caught in a situation it doesn’t think it can escape. I learned the hard way they can be in motion and rattling, too! They try to avoid contact. I think the average snake tends to avoid people as much as possible, for good cause!

        • I have to agree, Doug. I remember chasing Garter snakes I think they are called? As a kid. They never seemed to bite though.

          • Yes, though I overturned a rock in the back yard once, surprising a garter snake. It reared up like a cobra and compressed it’s head into a cobra-like hood! Harmless but effective! It was ready to take me on!

    • Oh Richard, your always on about those rattlers! I saw zero snakes once again. Just folks climbing big rocks and some fellow hikers. I don’t let the heart or diabetes conditions slow me down. I’m very active doing things all day as usual but was happy to feel just fine out there yesterday. yes!! 👍🏻

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