Calico Basin Views

Five snaps from yesterday showing a few of the homes in Calico Basin. I don’t see why folks build homes here…

18 thoughts on “Calico Basin Views

  1. These are interesting pictures. The hills around the homes remind me of my time in the Army when I went to the Mojave Desert for desert training at Fort Irwin in California. I too kind of have a feeling of “why live there” because it’s so barren. On the other hand though, those people have probably lived there all their life and are used to it and love that kind of land. It’s definitely much different than what we have here in Alabama. I like your photos here though because it gives those of us here a chance to see how home living is on the other side of the country.

    • Hi Mike! Wellllll…. The Southwest has been in a serious drought for a long time. It’s a big concern with Las Vegas growing crazy fast, and Lake Mead not having been at Full Pond since the 1980’s.

      The yearly Monsoons in my view haven’t produced much rain recently. Not good! The Mojave Desert is rather barren I think but beautiful. These mountains are bare except for the really big peaks in the Spring Mountains where two peaks are near 12,000 feet. Then you hit the Alpine altitudes. 😎

    • Hi Richard. It’s barren but doesn’t look abnormal at all. I mentioned to Mike in another comment that the big mountains are beyond these foothills and reach almost 12,000 feet. Alpine height! The Monsoons haven’t dropped much rain the last two years in my view, we need it badly…

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