It’s Not Too Jiffy

There are a few different companies around the city that perform the smog testing on most everything with an engine around here but I don’t believe that doing this really helps very much. In winter the layer of smog hanging over the city seems persistent and never ending. During our windstorms, the smog seems to blow out of the valley.

Walk or drive to higher elevations around the valley and you’ll very quickly see that pervasive and nasty greenish cloud hovering over the valley easily. Of course, I’m no expert in this matter but from a resident’s perspective these very costly smog tests are not worth it.

Further, for my vehicle it costs me $500 every two years for that little tiny plate tab that tells the police that you’ve paid up. Is this nonsense really worth the costs…. And where does my five hundred bucks go?


6 thoughts on “It’s Not Too Jiffy

  1. Emission tests required by law over here. Once a car is three years old, it has to be tested every year (prosecution if you don’t do it). The car has to be inspected be a licensed mechanic to say it is roadworthy and not belching too much CO2 into the atmosphere. There’s talk of banning diesel cars before too long. We need massive advances in battery tech before that I think.

    • I see, maybe it was you that I heard from about banning stinky diesel power. That never caught on here with small vehicles. the big rigs, or tractors as we call them use diesel. You call them a Lorry I think?

      That’s a good idea to have a road worthiness inspection! No matter our inspections, the smog still clogs the sky over us. I’m not trying to speak poorly of my adopted city, this is what it is.

      Someday I’ll have to move home to Michigan though…

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