Waiting for The Green Flag

Las Vegas traffic lights and road markings are a bit different here than those back home up north. Black backgrounds too… On a personal note, the motoring public here is in my perspective more aggressive than drivers in other states, something I seriously dislike. I’m not attempting to be negative but is your clutch depressed yet?


2 thoughts on “Waiting for The Green Flag

  1. It makes me wonder how much of my life has been spent sitting waiting for the traffic lights to change. Or for that bit of software to download. Or waiting for a sensible answer to a question from a politician. Or for the kettle to boil. Or for my lottery ticket to come up…

    • The lights are really long here because of too many humans! I get annoyed with it… I suppose I’ll one day move back north and home because of a few things that just grind my gears Richard. Maybe some health issues too…

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