Rock Climbing Lovers

This particular rock in Calico Basin gets plenty of attention from the myriad of rock climbers that come here from many states. There are other areas a good hike away from this location that I’ve seen on past hikes. This is a seriously dangerous sport which makes me wonder why people do this. The great exercise, fresh air, hanging literally with friends or an adrenaline rush. Perhaps all of the above? In any case they make great photo subjects!


5 thoughts on “Rock Climbing Lovers

  1. More awesome photos! When I was much younger in my 20’s back in the early 90’s for a short while I enjoyed rappelling down cliffs with some of my Army buddies. One of them I think was around 75 feet high or more. It was scary but fun at the same time. Never tried rock climbing though. They are some brave people! Definitely great photo subjects.

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