The Crack

I snapped this image while walking back to the trailhead, the light coming through this small crack caught my peripheral vision. I think it makes a dandy black and white too. 😎🌵

7 thoughts on “The Crack

  1. It does look all cracked up to what it’s supposed to be. I love rattlesnakes, they are such interesting creatures. If you come across a rattlesnake get some good photos. There are Bark Scorpions in your area. They have a potent, and potentially deadly sting. They are cool looking scorpions; some photos of them would be nice, also. Apparently, there are Emporer scorpions in Nevada, also. They are large black and basically harmless to humans. They are really cool scorpions and make great pets.

    • Great pets? I kept Boa’s and other snakes when I was twenty something, it was fun! I will certainly try for photos of any snake I find along the way. You mention different types of scorpions that I’ve never heard of Timothy, frankly, my entire property is sprayed for bugs and such, but it’s the scorpions I’m after.

      I also use a black light in the hottest months to spot them and give ’em the crunch. Just being honest!

    • LOL, what other things? Maybe there are some in there, this place is a maze of gaps between the rocks and boulders.

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