The Incursion

I came across this unfortunate mess this morning at Charleston Boulevard and Durango. This stuff sucks, I hate to see it. The tow truck pulled the Ford into the parking lot where I was getting some fuel for my ride, I grabbed the left side damage photo. The other car was already gone. I saw no ambulances which is a good thing of course.


3 thoughts on “The Incursion

  1. Texting! Last week I stopped at a light and looked right down at a young woman texting in the driver seat. I saw this same shit before we stopped. She was visibly busted and seemed nervous, looking up at a guy looking right back at her texting while driving. A major problem. Honestly, I pull over to do anything…

  2. Daily occurrences here. Too many distracted drivers. They were probably watching the coverage of the topless women pouring milk on themselves at the Bernie Sanders campaign stop.

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