Aunt Jane’s Pickles

I have a bit of history with this very old hand-painted advertisement on the side of a party store. As a child I remember eating pickles made by this company circa early 1970’s. Today I still love a good pickle. Gabriel’s Party Store (we called it Gabe’s) was the one place myself and my buddies could purchase beer in spite of us not being twenty one years young.

Just as I was nearing eighteen years of life, Michigan upped the drinking age to twenty one. I remember not being happy about this! Gabe’s was our go-to place for adult refreshments, including beer, and more beer. Even kegs of beer for those wild beer-fueled party nights.

Looking back these many years later, I’m not so sure Gabe did us a favor in selling us all of that beer. But all of those great memories… There are days I wish to return to the 1980’s….


8 thoughts on “Aunt Jane’s Pickles

  1. Two weeks before I turned 21, the drinking age in my state at the time, the legislature passed a law that lowered the drinking age to 20…

    • Thanks! This is an iPhone shot from 2017, in my old stomping grounds in Michigan. You can still buy Mickey’s Mean Green beer these days… Our fav with the little round glass barrel bottles.

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