I Got Nuked This Morning!

Today was my appointment at the hospital for a Nuclear Imaging Stress Test on my heart. My kidney stone doctor ordered these tests because I have a compromised heart. Next up in a few days is an Echo on the heart. This stress test totally sucked man! The man giving the test explained everything I would feel during this test.

The worst part of this was the two minutes when the liquid gets to work. The onset after the injection is very fast! I felt as though I was going to die right there and I am not kidding you. Then two minutes later, it’s as though this never happened. Two sets of images are also taken.

I’m glad this is over, and all because during Lithotripsy which I will have soon to bust up the damn kidney stones, you can develop heart arrhythmia. Yes, I’ll have the tests please. More on this later!

25 thoughts on “I Got Nuked This Morning!

  1. A mother of a friend compared the two: giving birth or passing a kidney stone. Passing the kidney stone, she noted, was more painful! Best wishes for ending your misery, John!

    • OM Gosh Doug, I’ve heard this bad news from a few people! Gladly they aren’t moving. I’d know it! That Nuke test yesterday was a horrid experience, I had no idea what I signed up for! But it’s still better than that damn treadmill test. I have an Echo test in a few days, that’s a piece of cake. Then see the pee pee doctor. Lithotripsy is tough too…

        • Thanks Doug, I’ll pull trough. The toughest part is that I’ve no family here so I have to do everything myself including paying a medical transport service to pick me up at home and drop me off when the day for Lithotripsy comes. You are waaay too doped up to drive, and I live about a mile from the hospital too!

          • I have the same issue from time to time. Fortunately, I have friends who are good about sharing their time to take me places when I can’t drive afterwards because of anesthesia effects. Often enough, those rides have been to a hospital 57 miles away! I always buy them lunch or pay for gas, whatever they will allow me to do, but they tell me they don’t mind taking me there because they can take care of things they want to do in that town.

  2. Must be some powerful nukes. Does not sound like fun. Will the echocardiogram under stress as well? I’ve had a few of those.

    • Thanks! It would be difficult to explain the sensations, you would have to experience this yourself. It’s NOT an experience you would like, trust me. But it’s all over in two minutes…

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