Photos from the Sony DSC RX100

This afternoon I took a quick ride to the store and brought along the little Sony pocket camera that I’ve very rarely used. In fact, when I tried to turn it on, it was dead! What’s that tell ya? So last night I pulled up the PDF file I keep on my Mac so I could review the settings on this tiny camera. It’s rather complex for it’s size and maybe too much so for some folk.

Just six photos in this set, I tossed just one photo which was a full-zoom photo of Frenchman Mountain on the east side of Las Vegas Valley, that photo looked fine up closer to my location yet the mountain those many miles away was far too pixelated. This camera isn’t a new model but has a 20mp rating. It would do well on a holiday trip or family outing.


13 thoughts on “Photos from the Sony DSC RX100

    • Thank you Shelley! The cam is now on one of two mini tripods, easier to handle that way except when extracting the SD card. Tiny and mirrorless too. I’m considering a new camera. My Nikon D3300 body has served me well for four years now. A new Nikon mirrorless body sounds nice!

      • You’re welcome. Impressive that you know so much about the cameras. I can’t even tell you how old my camera is – it has to be at least 10 years old?! It does fit like a glove – I’d be scared to try out all the new technology available … but that might be fun too. I’ll watch you do it first!

      • Thanks for the info, John. Yeah, the Z6 looks really nice, doesn’t it? Compact and you can use your Nikon glass with the adapter. Good reviews too.

          • I was just researching further and I think the adapter is not compatible with our D3300 lenses. Sorry to report. Sounds like another good choice is Sony A7iii. Just window shopping for now. My D3300 is great but so many advancements in tech have been made since 2014.

            • I checked out that A7 fairly recently, wasn’t sold on it as yet. I’m very satisfied with the images the 3300 has produced over the years but have considered other options recently. The new body coupled with a 24-70mm lens sounds very good, this lens plus adding a 70-200mm lens in the future rounds it out nicely but that’s just one guy’s opinion. 😎

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