A New Nikon

Today I purchased a new Nikon, the Z6 series. After getting the battery fully topped off, I headed to a local park for some photos but did take several photos in my backyard first before the sun got too low. These photos are straight out of the camera, I did nothing to them except add the watermark and downsize them. At this point I am very happy with the results, there will be a learning curve getting all of the settings where I want them. I have another set coming up later.


19 thoughts on “A New Nikon

    • Thanks!! I am very pleased with this camera’s performance so far. Today I’m taking it to Calico Basin and other places out there to see how it does. No zoom lens yet, the 70-200mm is available next month according to my local shop.

    • Speaking strictly of myself for user friendly, it’s more complicated but has so much to offer. I want to learn the many settings better. The screen is a touch screen and pivots which is great! So much I could say but yeah, it was a solid purchase!

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