Drone’s View

Good morning from Las Vegas Valley. Sunny and 66F is forecast for Las Vegas today, a much better forecast than the crap weather I saw on the Weather Channel early this morning whilst eating my chicken soup. Cold and rain then snow rain mix. I’ve lived it.

I’m out of new photos right now so out comes my trusty external hard drive backups! I do miss flying the little drone, I was never an expert of course but it was fun capturing photos from four hundred foot. That was the altitude limit as far as I know. The thing took some damn good photos I think.


18 thoughts on “Drone’s View

  1. First off, beautiful photos from that! Second… I have been wanting a drone for some time now. Can you give me any references to a good one? I have never used one. Any suggestions?

    • Thank you Sandra! The drone did a fine job with photos, I have just one video, not sure where the others went, grrrr. The one video is about 1.25G so it’s too large to upload here. I’m still really on about that Nikon Z6…

        • I did it. The battery is charging right now, I purchased the kit with the body of course, and the 24-70 lens. The 70-200mm zoom lens will be available in March according to my local shop. Been digging through the manual, it’s more complicated than the old D3300. Will be a learning curve!

          • Woo hoo! I can’t wait to hear what you think of it as you use it! I’ve heard so many good things. And seen some amazing pics. Have fun and keep me posted! 🤓

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