Nikon Zed 6, A Set of Ten

Here is the next set from today around the Escarpment and Red Rock Canyon. I went out there today because tomorrow is supposed to bring the valley about a quarter inch of rain. The desert southwest needs this rain so badly which leads me to say that it pretty much sucks that the southeast is being almost drown in rain and snow right now. Dammit.

Anyway, the more I use this camera the more I love it. There are still a few things I need to set up in the camera’s Settings, but man I’m completely sold on this Mirrorless camera. The color and clarity is so superiour in my non-professional opinion… Money well spent!


11 thoughts on “Nikon Zed 6, A Set of Ten

    • Hi Sandra, this is the first 24/70 lens I’ve had and it’s really amazing. You can get in pretty darn close at 24mm and zoomed out, you have a nice blurred background which makes the subject pop. I’ll purchase the 70/200 lens when it comes out. A solid experience so far! I may not do anything tomorrow as I’m suddenly feeling like crap from some kind of bug. That sky for all your wonderful comments Sandra! 🥰😎

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      • Oh no! Nasty flu going around. Hope you’re feeling better soon! Thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts on the new purchase. I’m sold on it!


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