30 thoughts on “Feeling Rather Crappy Today

  1. Get well soon, John. Yes, these upper respiratory infections can be nasty. I am on antibiotic now myself for one that was going into week 4. Antibiotic seems to be doing the trick.

    • Thank you, I was in hospital yesterday a few hours, have bad upper respiratory infection and have meds for it now. It’s been a tough road.

  2. Hope you’re already feeling better, take care of yourself, John! Time for some chicken noodle soup, don’t know why, but it always helps make us feel better. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you my friend! I’m better today but still feel crappy. talked to my sister in Florida this morning, she said if I get worse, head to the ER as there are a couple horrid viruses going around. I believe this is just a common bug. And I’m frequently using hand santiser. It got me.

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