30 thoughts on “Feeling Rather Crappy Today

  1. Get well soon, John. Yes, these upper respiratory infections can be nasty. I am on antibiotic now myself for one that was going into week 4. Antibiotic seems to be doing the trick.

    • Thank you, I was in hospital yesterday a few hours, have bad upper respiratory infection and have meds for it now. It’s been a tough road.

  2. Hope you’re already feeling better, take care of yourself, John! Time for some chicken noodle soup, don’t know why, but it always helps make us feel better. 🙂

    • Thank you my friend! I’m better today but still feel crappy. talked to my sister in Florida this morning, she said if I get worse, head to the ER as there are a couple horrid viruses going around. I believe this is just a common bug. And I’m frequently using hand santiser. It got me.

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