Blue Sky and Palms

A few snaps from today. The road photo is looking west toward some foothills. I had just left a gardening place where I asked for advice on the proper time of year to prune my Mediterranean Fan Palm. Turns out this is not the proper time of year to prune it, it should be pruned only in the hot months during our scorcher summers. The palms are in my backyard… 😎


4 thoughts on “Blue Sky and Palms

  1. I love palm trees. How weird to prune in summer eh? Seems like the heat would be bad. Well definitely for the pruner anyway. 🤣

    • My thoughts exactly, Janet. Yours truly will have a thick knee pad and a sweat rag when I get down to it! Most palm trees do well here regardless of the fact that they do not grow naturally here. They are for the most part Mexican Fan Palms I think. The palm that least well is the Queen Palm, it needs a true tropical environment.

      • Have you ever been to the area in Palm Springs that is jam packed with Palms? Where there’s a stream? I went there once and would love to go back with my camera.

        • I’ve been in that city just once when I was married, nice place! Honestly, the place scares me as it’s basically on the San Andreas fault.

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