The Bruise Life

This is what’s left from Sunday eve at the hospital as far as needle damage. My blood is thin as hell from blood thinner for many years. I mentioned this recently. Another fine iPhone photo eh? šŸ˜‚ I use Zinc Oxide on bruises to take them down much faster, try it, it works well.

In the centre of the megabruise, that tiny hole is what spat blood on the ER floor. Nasty…Ā  šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

20 thoughts on “The Bruise Life

  1. Sorry to read that you have an upper respiratory infection John. some nasty bruises here too from the blood work and such. How are you feeling? Sending very best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

    • Thanks! The smaller bruises are already 99% gone thanks to that Zinc Oxide. The big bruise is fading at it’s own speed…

  2. That’s a rather artsy looking bruise with what looks like another 4 or 5 prick marks above it. Young people pay good money to be bruised and scarred these days. I assume insured payed for yours?

  3. And ice pack for the first two days, then wet heat is what I use for those, at least when there is a lump under the bruise. Anyway, hope yours is coming along well and doesn’t hurt. I oftentimes get these when I have blood taken, but a really good phlebotomist rarely creates a bruise, especially a big one.

    • I agree Doug, his name was/is Freddy who drew the blood. I’ve had far better blood draws than what he did, was a bit painful whereas others I’ve barely noticed.

        • Oh I do too, Doug. On the way out of the ER, I told the doctor and nurses I think they are very professional and compassionate toward all patients. Great staff.

    • Hi Dave, thanks. This too shall pass, I’ve been poked by needles so many times, sometimes the phlebotomist makes a mess. It could be much worse…

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