It never Rains yet It Pours

In Monsoon Season the rain that does fall can be seriously heavy. If you live here then you know that driving when it’s raining carries it’s own risks in this city because the dirt and oils that have been on the roads for a year or so are now loose. The roads can become slick as snot very quickly and that’s always dangerous.

If your from the north as I am then you know full well what it’s like to drive on snow and of course ice. The ice that’s hidden under the snow, and the ice that you can’t always see called Black Ice. Those same conditions can occur here in the middle of the desert, created by month after month of dirt and grime on the roads.

8 thoughts on “It never Rains yet It Pours

    • Oh yes, mostly in late summer and during the winter months as the powerful low pressure systems move south out of the Arctic and from Canada.

  1. I love these pics, especially the 3rd one. I never thought of LV as having a monsoon season. Lately, we are having driving rains here and if you get caught out in one it is so difficult to see. Our problem is that when it starts to rain, just sprinkles, most people don’t know how to drive in it. UGH!

    • Thanks so much! It’s the same situation there too then, that sucks. Our Monsoons happen late summer when the rains move north from the Baja Peninsula and pound New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada. Las Vegas has constructed miles and miles of flood channels and many Detention Basins to help control the huge amount of water that can come from the mountains and many Washes. The Strip has been flooded before too.

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