The 6 Cylinder Looper Engine on a Runabout

Honestly I’ve always been so surprised to see a large six cylinder engine on a Runabout hull. It’s such an unstable hull to begin with, add that two-stroke, six cylinder engine that produces enough horsepower that you need an extra man or woman on board to compensate for the weight and power! Be warned, this video is seriously loud, adjust your volume! The sound is Heavenly to me!

Disclaimer: This is not my video, no copyright intended.

8 thoughts on “The 6 Cylinder Looper Engine on a Runabout

    • Thanks Timothy! I searched once again for video editing software today as I wanted to remove several sections of the video. Nope. This is what I grew up with! There are tiny 6 cylinder, 6 exhaust stacks, six separate carb engines in my blood.

          • It’s all drag, drop and crop. You can really do a lot with it once you know your way around a little.

              • When you create a new project, choose Movie. If you choose Trailer, then it gives you a bunch of pre-made clips to fill in. Although you can learn a lot from dissecting the trailers.

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