Dark World

I snapped this photo when leaving the spillway a bit ago, going for dark and grungy… It’s kind of dark today anyway! Plate Tectonics did a fine job of pushing that rock to about 45 degrees.

16 thoughts on “Dark World

  1. I really like the desert in southern Nevada because of the stark and exposed geology. WP, LinkedIn, and Alignable are the only social media accounts I have (LI and Alignable are pretty useless as far as I’m concerned). I used the blog feature on my Zenfolio site for a couple of years. I liked it because it’s really secure, and it was really quick and easy to do posts, but the blog is set up for simply posting and there are no threads for comments. Then Zenfolio updated the site and it became slow, flakey, and unusable. After months of frustrations with Zenfolio, I switched back to WP. But WP drives me crazy as well. There are many times I just feel like not blogging because of the frustrations with WP.

    • The geology is beautiful! As is that of the Sonoran Desert. I’m not familiar with any of those platforms Timothy but I’ll say that I’ve been round and round with WP management over the years about the taking away our ability to buy more storage space, and fixing the Editor. Why three editors? I use the Legacy version only, then there’s the light blue area of it, then the Block thing? So damn stupid. If it weren’t for the community here, I’d have left long ago.

      • And now they added that popup menu on the like star that shows other likes. It’s the most annoying thing. I hate it.

    • Wow Sandra, I must agree on the IG hike. I’ve been so close to deleting my account so many times. I do like the account control they have in place, WP seriously needs to do this. But the service is so damn Tit for Tat if you understand. Follow for follow, unfollow for unfollow!!! CHEESY.

        • Oh, I understand. Sorry! I agree that can happen to some people, not me. Since it’s all about photography it brings out the happy in me. But IG has some really shitty aspects too.

          • I just meant that IG/FB feel like negative places sometimes. I thought you said people were criticizing your pic. That’s not cool.

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