East, North or South?

Your looking east here from a few hundred foot above the valley floor. Behind me are some small foothills at around three thousand feet or so. Which way will you choose? Head north, hop off at Ann Road, there are some great shopping opportunities and food options.

Head south, you’ll come to Red Rock Hotel and Casino at Charleston Boulevard along with great food and shopping in Downtown Summerlin! If you like, I can be your tour guide LOL!! 😎

7 thoughts on “East, North or South?

  1. Can’t go wrong in either direction I imagine! Looks like another beautiful day! Hope you’re feeling better, John.

    • Thanks Sandra. Not really, I know some good eats joints! 70 tomorrow, mid 70’s this week. ☺️🌴🌵

        • Thanks, come visit the valley! My sister will be visiting in a few weeks when it’ll be much warmer.

          • I’ve never been to Las Vegas! We are not too far away here in Northern California. Just never been. It looks beautiful! My husband has visited LV a few times. Your sister is sure to enjoy the comfortable temperatures and that bright blue sky! 🌞😎

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