Photo Perspectives of the Red Rock Hotel and Casino

I snapped these photos yesterday directly after shooting the Downtown Summerlin photos. The locations are directly next to each other. I wish I could take the new Nikon Z6 inside this casino, I think it’s beautiful inside as are so many venues like this around Las Vegas.

I view this hotel and casino as being a Locals casino because it’s located all the way to the west side of Las Vegas Valley, nearly up against the western slope, no where near the Las Vegas Strip.

I’ve taken some very sneaky iPhone photos inside before but I always feel guilty as your really not supposed to do this, especially in the Gaming areas.

3 thoughts on “Photo Perspectives of the Red Rock Hotel and Casino

  1. We loved staying at Red Rock! Off the strip and crowded in its on way, but not overly so until you hit the buffet. The bowling alley was cool and the pool is one of the best in town. The luxury was top notch though!

    • Excellent to hear! I noticed how super busy the food choices are in there, wow. I’ve not been in the pool but it looks fabulous. Not nearly as crazy as anywhere on the strip, that’s too crazy down there. It’s very rare I go down there…

      • It’s a nice alternative to the strip. They just didn’t have the Texas Hold em tournaments that I would have wanted to play. Otherwise it was quite great!

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