Playing Inside the Abstract

This child play area has been in this space before but this time with the Nikon Z6. It’s basically impossible for a child to fall out of this structure as it’s fully enclosed with wire. I gave the entire structure a push to see if it would sway around, not even a little bit! I would hesitate to allow my child if they were still tiny, to play on it though considering the viruses going around.

13 thoughts on “Playing Inside the Abstract

  1. I read that the virus on merchandise or items such as that evaporates within a few hours, so children are pretty safe on it, I think

    • Wow, I didn’t think of that Anneli! Ouch. I’ve seen kiddies on this thing once or twice I think. I wonder how much liability insurance the company carries! This entire complex is owned by the Howard Hughes corporation.

  2. This is a really interesting play structure. You’re right though, too risky to let the little one near it. 😷🤧

    • Thanks again Sandra. It’s a very serious concern isn’t it… There weren’t many people downtown actually, I suppose it was because it was a weekday… My daughter is 31 and married, my son 27. Time flies…

      • Yes, you’re right! I feel like I just had my daughter. She’s turning 9 next month. Do your kids live in LV too?

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