The Man and His Flying Machine

Walking around Downtown Summerlin the other day I was sure I could hear a drone in the area close by. Sure enough I found the ‘pilot’ and his little flying machine. I was curious about the legal issues of flying a drone in this very public place. I struck up a short conversation with the guy as I’m from up north and am far more friendly than so many folk here.

I asked him if he was afraid of fines and legal trouble (in a very nice way) by flying a drone there. He told me that he has waivers that allowed him to fly the drone there. OK, great! Maybe he thought I was being rather nosy in asking such questions, but I frankly don’t care. It’s the many regulations in place today that had me sell my drone a year or so ago.

I honestly would never consider flying a drone there one way or the other as all it could take to cause the drone to go out of control would be a good gust of wind which we have very frequently here, or someone just bumping into him, causing a brief loss of attention to the drone. Bam! You hit someone, you’ve earned your day in a Clark County Courtroom!

4 thoughts on “The Man and His Flying Machine

  1. We had a drone flying over and around our house some time back. We were sitting outside, enjoying the Spring sun and we were not impressed. It turned out the pilot had a licence to fly to monitor the area. The were property agents and selling around this area.
    We raised our concerns and thankfully the stopped flying.

    • That’s bullshit to be blunt. They have zero right to be buzzing over people’s homes regardless! Where I come from, that drone could be shot down with a 12 gauge shotgun!

  2. We have stopped flying our drone due to all of the regulations. Like you I would worry about flying in such a populated area. Perhaps he has been hired to get some photos for a local business?

    • I had the same thought, regardless it’s the sad state of affairs it’s sad that we live in a Litigation Nation (speaking very strictly of the States) that I sold my own drone. They fella may have to carry some serious liability insurance? Bleh……

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