Dining Room Design

My little dining room has been in this space previously, but not via the new Nikon Z6 camera. The difference in image clarity and colour depth is obvious to me, I hope you like my totally bachelor design. Speaking of my bachelor life, it’s been four years now since the third and final divorce. In those four years, I have not had a date nor am I even interested in dating or meeting women. I consider that part of my life closed until further notice. There’s too much internal damage…

Another Form of Pain

Today has been painful because of the kidney stones on my right side, and an apparently strained or spasm-ing muscle in my middle back. So far, 2020 hasn’t been that great a year for me. I hope to have the Lithotripsy soon to pulverise those damn stones, hopefully get my life back on track here! Things could be worse though, your always in the middle. There’s always someone better or worse off than yourself. In the midst of trials, we need to be as positive as possible! Fingers crossed…

A Note On This Blog

Two or three weeks ago I was super frustrated with the storage space issue with WordPress.com. I’ve had to remove far too many posts in the past which I’ve realised I am at least partially responsible for this nonsense. For a brief time I hosted a few photos externally which worked OK until I received a comment about some form of ads rendering instead of my photos. Enough. I have begun shrinking my photos way down which is exactly what I didn’t want to do. Dammit.

For a good long while I was uploading images at about one megabyte. That right there should tell you pretty much how badly I screwed up! Not ashamed to admit it. I’ve become fairly proficient at shrinking my photos down to the point where they just begin to pixelate which has been right around 200kb’s. That’s a damn small file size but it does create a much faster page load time and is basically web-friendly everywhere including my email images to friends or family.

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