5 thoughts on “Health Food Joint gets Face Lift

  1. The last time I ate a Burger King is when they had an Angry Burger or something like that. I heard people saying it was so spicy hot that they couldn’t eat it. I love hot, spice food and I can take the heat, so I was really curious if a franchise like Burger King would really produce truly hot, spice burger. What a disappointment. If a person thinks paprika is hot and spicy, then they might not have been able to handle an Angry Burger. But as for me, I gave it a 0.01 on the hot and spicy level.

    • OM Gosh, I do remember this burger, Timothy! Can’t recall just how spicy but I dare say food has much more spice today. It’s a good thing! Seeing this joint being repaired, rebuilt or upgraded sparked this post. 😎

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