A Grungy Gray Day

I’d have stayed home if I could have today but I had to stop by my Primary doctor’s office for a few minutes then it was off to a radiology office for a chest x-ray. I must return to the doctor office tomorrow for a different reason. Seems dummy me forgot to get a couple of Pre-Op tests regarding these damned kidney stones. This oops is on me. Honestly, I am sick to freaking death of the many hoops I’ve had to jump through to get to the Lithotripsy treatment I so badly need.

Anyway, like I’ve said before this gray weather is rather depressing to me. Having grown up in the Gray State of Michigan you could say, I’ve had enough of this crap already, and it’s supposedly going to hang around all week. Seven years of living in the Mojave Desert has acclimated me to 300+ days per year of beautiful sunshine and cheery weather.

10 thoughts on “A Grungy Gray Day

  1. I hope you get all your stuff figured. Medical hoops are a pain on top of the pain.

  2. Your weather is moving our way. It’s supposed to be cloudy tomorrow and Thursday, and rain on Friday.

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