8 thoughts on “Heading for Sunset

  1. I love the dimensions to this with the trees, the mountains, and the clouds! Beautiful pic, John! Hope you’re feeling better.

    • Hi Sandra, thank you! The image is highly cropped which is obvious I suppose but that’s a view I never tire of. Desert Life Love, except for the traffic.

      The gnarly bug that sent me to the ER last week is 99.9% gone thanks to antibiotics. Still jumping the hoops these doctors need before I get medical clearance for the procedure. Uhg. It’s bullshit but it’s also the intelligent decision….

    • Really, there are no Mexican Fan Palms there? The darn things don’t even grow here naturally! They are all imports you could say. I agree based on your photos, I saw a program on the Superstition Mountains gold mines earlier, is this range near you? So interesting!

      • No, the superstition mountains are in Arizona. I’m at 5,000 feet above sea level and the Sandias are almost 11,000 feet. Palms trees don’t like those kind of heights.

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