A Fresh Skin

You may have noticed that this blog looks a bit different this visit. Well, there’s a good reason for this! Once in a while I will try a different theme or skin for this site. Today I tried this again but as usual wasn’t satisfied with what I found so I tried to reinstall the Opti theme that was in use. I couldn’t find it, dammit! I really liked that theme yet was curious about other themes.

My next move was to have a literal chat with the folks at WordPress.com. After some brief chat with a rep, I was told that the theme I have been using for a good lot of time has now been retired. Retired! I am retired, how the hell can a theme be retired? I was and am still annoyed but there isn’t one damn thing I can do about it.

All of this said, welcome to the new look of Las Vegas Photoblog. Or Photo Blog if you like. I suppose the new look is far less busy in it’s appearance, less complicated. If you like or dislike the theme, please say so! Perhaps this theme is a bit more ‘modern’ looking?

The photo was taken early today before the sun popped out! The clouds are hugging the Summerlin Peaks. I never saw this mountain beauty back home in Michigan… 🌴🌡

19 thoughts on “A Fresh Skin

  1. I, also, change themes once in a while just to keep things fresh. Truthfully, I think this one is for more writing and less pictures so I liked your last one,better. But, that’s just me. You asked the question.

    • Thanks for your thoughts on the new skin. In terms of photography, the trend for photography sites has moved toward the heavy use of white instead of very dark themes. I’ve seen some very much professional photographer sites done in all white.

  2. That happened to me too – my theme was retired – but I had already tried out a new one and then wanted to go back. No can do! Very disappointing, but tough luck. I found another one at last, but it made me more careful not to discard what I had until I was sure of what I was getting to replace it.

    • Thanks!! I’m glad to read the positive comments here this morning. I never use that reader thing. Why have an actual blog? The reader takes the need for the actual blog away in my opinion…

      • I use the reader because it facilitates my reading. The actual blog is still necessary for the outside world, i.e. people who read you but are not bloggers themselves (or their blogs aren’t on wp).

  3. New skin looks good. I read your about, I hadn’t done that yet for some reason, as that’s one of the first things I read on blogs. I started riding dirt bikes when I was 9 years old. I sold my last motorcycle, a 750cc street bike, at 22 right before I got married. Then I raced bicycles for years. I don’t do much hard exercise beside walking a lot these days.

    • Thanks Timothy. If a blog doesn’t have an About page I’ll probably close the browser window,,, Those dirt bike days were great, so much fun riding with my dad and his buddies too. I had a Kawasaki street bike in the early 80’s but sold it after almost being laid out twice. No thanks, too dangerous. I see plenty of bikes and scooters around Vegas. These folks are crazy! I have a bike but rarely use it, walking is the hardest workout I get these days.

    • Thanks! It’s easy to work with, the comments are set up a bit different but not a problem. I had thought for a long time though that the old theme was a bit too busy. Maybe?

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