On Top of The Deck

Here is another photo from yesterday on the top floor of the parking deck. The clouds were still hanging low in the morning, it became sunny later in the day which leads me to say that this morning is gloriously sunny but the NWS says there is a huge batch of rain moving north from California that will bring possible flash flooding to Las Vegas late today and into tomorrow.

And I just cleaned my truck up again dammit! Hey, we need the rain so badly, bring it on. The desert southwest has been in a terrible drought for a very long time now. I wish we could get enough rain to keep Lake Mead at full pond where it hasn’t been since the 1980’s.

4 thoughts on “On Top of The Deck

    • Yes! I just got home from some errands before the rain comes, can’t get my clean truck dirty! 😂

  1. Yo John! I’m in Munich Airport on the way back to Scotland after a working trip and so sorry I have not been blog watching for a couple of weeks. If I don’t get winged by the virus on the way home, I should be ‘back on the air’ tomorrow. I need to get out with my camera to pep up my blog which is rapidly going stale!! Trust you are keeping well and that you’re dodging the virus out there in the desert.

    • Hi Richard, I was wondering where you went. Yes, new photos please, your photography is always great to see. I’m keeping an eye on the virus thing, scary stuff. Safe travels Richard…

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