4 thoughts on “Smile for The Camera!

  1. Got any surprises yet? My sister told me that she and her husband backed out of their drive the other day and noticed a shirt crumple up on the edge of their drive. Upon looking at it more closely was covered with human feces. When they got back from their errand they went in a looked at the video from the night before. Some guy drove up under the street light got out of his car and took a dump on the end of their driveway. He didn’t have anything in the car to wipe is butt with, so he took off his shirt, wiped his butt with it, and left the crappy shirt on the edge of their drive. Lots of lovely people out there.

    • OM Gosh Timothy!

      That is so damn disgusting!! What the hell is wrong with people today? So vile.

      I’m sorry your sister was treated that way Timothy. 🤬🤮

    • Thanks! There are a couple questionable folks on my street, hence the money was well spent. It’s nice know that while I am away from the house it’s secured. After I purchased the home a bit over a year ago, my dad asked me if I have an alarm system. He said good! 😎

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