Views Around The House

I apologise for not having something better to upload today but by gosh I just don’t feel like going anywhere today. One of the perks of retired life eh? So I grabbed the Nikon and grabbed some images from the front and back yards. This set is the front yard plus another look toward the end of the street at those beautiful foothills just west of me about four miles. The photo of the distant foothills is highly cropped to protect the privacy of my neighbours… 😎

6 thoughts on “Views Around The House

  1. Sounds like you are self quarantined? Have any legos® around? You could have them model for you.

    • Hi Jet, thank you!! My Ash tree is looking so happy. I just finished spiffing both the front and back yards. Before the rains come late today… I enjoy keeping my home looking spiffy both inside and out! 😎

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