Four Cylinders

This antique Ford car belongs to my dad, note the alternator which wasn’t standard equipment back in those days. These old engines are incredibly simple compared to today’s engines but certainly not nearly as dependable or as powerful. And maybe a bit dangerous too!

Finally Scheduled!

I received some really good news this morning regarding my kidney stone farce. After far too many weeks of jumping through the many hoops the doctors have asked me jump through with this test and that test, I am finally on the surgery schedule for March 18th!!

It’s been a very long, difficult and frustrating several weeks to get to this point. I’m looking forward to life without these nasty kidney stones inside me!

8 thoughts on “Four Cylinders

  1. Did you have your surgery or did it get postponed with the underlying issues with coronavirus? I feel for you because I’ve had them and had to pass them naturally. Worse than childbirth with no anesthesia (my second child). Hope you are feeling better!

  2. That’s a really old flathead. My 60 Rambler has a flathead 6. That’s great news on the kidney stones. All the jumping around mush have been painful. Are they doing a stone blast? I can’t recall if you mentioned the type of surgery.

    • Flathead engines are so weird, Pops had a Flathead V8 too. The valve config reminds me of a five HP Briggs and Stratton engine.

      Blast is a good description for Lithotripsy. They don’t cut into your body, yay but it’s gonna be hell when I get home. Has this procedure in 1998, it sucked badly… i felt really shitty for a day afterwards I think. 🤮

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