An Old Photo in A Rough Looking Frame

This photo is not mine, but I am 100% sure it was taken 1978 in Columbiaville, Michigan. In those days the APBA had a sanctioned drag strip course on this part of the Flint River a long way from Flint, Michigan.

The driver was a good friend of my dad in those days. We were also friends with the driver in the boat beyond which was a Blown Fuel boat. Ours was Blown Alcohol engine. Lots of power at 1500+ horsepower! I was still in High School. High Skrewl.

8 thoughts on “An Old Photo in A Rough Looking Frame

    • It sure is! I’ll never forget seeing our boat at full throttle on the strip at 175 180mph. Those still racing today are going even faster… Great times and memories, Timothy.

          • My fastest speed on a motorcycle is 135 mph. My highest speed on a bicycle going downhill with a tailwind and drafting off a semi is 70 mph. The fastest speed I crashed in a criterium on a bicycle is 36 mph. I know that because a cop was clocking the racers with radar. When I went down he came running over all excited and showed me the radar gun with a big red 36 on the screen. I couldn’t get too excited about it at the time because I was all covered with blood from road rash. Even though I have three cars governed at 150 mph, 125 mph is the fastest I’ve driven any of them.

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