I’ll Just Stand Here…

Yesterday I was setting at my kitchen table playing with a new police scanner I purchased and noticed that this cute little bird had been standing in the same spot for at least five minutes. I’ve never seen a small bird do this before, he was looking up and down and all around! Eventually he jumped under my Med Fan Palm then flew away. So cute!

8 thoughts on “I’ll Just Stand Here…

  1. It is a cute bird. Police scanner? Are you into listening to the happenings in the hood?

    • You can safely say that I am addicted to radio in general, Timothy. I’ve held an Amateur Radio license since the early 1980’s. For example – next to me on the coffee table is a Uniden police scanner that can listen to the 800mhz trunked systems that the police and many other services here use. I have two of them.

      There’s also a 5 channel MURS radio that scans, hoping to hear any activity. Also, my Yaesu FT60R is usually listening to something including the Ham Radio frequencies it’s designed for. When the FT60 is charging, the Yaesu VX6 comes out to replace it. I also have a set of Midland GMRS/FRS radios.

      In my closet tucked away are brand new, still in the box, an FT60R and the VX6 handheld radios. I also have a psuedo base station with a DC power supply that powers an analog/digital VHF/UHF radio fed with a very long mobile antenna that you would use on a car. My HOA doesn’t allow antennas outside.

      There is more but you get the idea… 😂😎

      • Too bad we didn’t know eachother in 2012 when I finally sold all my dad’s radios. He was an avid Ham and had some decent equipment.

        • I’m sorry for your loss, Timothy. I may have been interested in the equipment. It’s just an automatic thing for me to have some kind of radio with me at home or in my truck.

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