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In the kitchen very early this morning the sun shone brightly through the old glass block windows and the front window. Since I’ve decided to stay home all weekend, I have to come up with something to upload! This is mostly because I’m a serious homebody, I mean why purchase this home if I’m not going to be here, right?

Anyway, my kitchen cabinets were rebuilt last year as the original 1996 wooden cabinets were taking their last breaths you could say. By the way, if you’ve followed along here long enough you already know that I tossed two Keurig coffee machines in 2019.

They are junk in my not so humble opinion, and I sent an email to Keurig about this telling them how dependable this plain old and simple Mr. Coffee machine is. That’s around three hundred bucks worth of coffee machine gone, that’s bullshit! Honestly, the coffee that the Mr. Coffee machine makes tastes much smoother and better anyway!

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  1. Add roasting your own beans – Amazon sells the green beans, of course! – grinding them fresh, then using a Turkish cezve, and you have the path to a perfect cuppa. Experimenting with roast times adds to the interest of the quest for the perfect cup of joe. (I have a roast that does a three days supply or so.) I like the challenge of bringing the cezve up to the right temperature without accidentally bringing it to a boil, which results in a frothy mess all over your heating element! LOL! (A gas stove would be better for making coffee this way.)

    I appreciate you telling about your experience with the Keurig machines because it spared me wasting money on one. I liked the idea of the single cup business since I tend to drink just one in the morning, perhaps another later in the day. Yes, the average Mr. Coffee makes a tolerably good cup of coffee, no matter how many ways you can go about it. And they can be bought for little money for the basic machine.

    • My Mr. Coffee is so basic but it does the job for a usually one cuppa per day guy like me. The coffee just tastes better than from the plastic machines that went to the dump…

      • I feel the same about my Mr. Coffee. The other methods I’ve tried are fun to do from time to time, but usually require a but of technique to do properly or take longer than Mr. Coffee.

  2. Nice morning light. I don’t have a coffee maker. I grind the coffee beans, put them in a pot and pour boiling water on the grounds, let the coffee steep for a few minutes, and then pour it into another pot through a gold filter. The gold filter is neutral so there is no flavor added to the coffee from the filter.

    • Have you tried roasting the beans, too? I get the green beans from Amazon, have a roaster, but one can roast them in the oven just as well if one keeps a close eye in them. The roaster just makes it easier to control the outcome.

      I’ve tried various methods of brewing coffee, but not yours. I am intrigued and think it is worth looking into!

      • No, I’ve not tried that, it seems like a bit too much. I just scoop the coffee from the bag into the white paper, add water and hit the power switch. Simple for simple minds haha! 😂

      • I’ve thought about it, but it would be one more thing to deal with. Laurie likes the flavored beans from a local roaster. We also have a lot of coffee roasters in town who will roast beans to order.

        • I am envious! Of course, Las Vegas is a foodies’ paradise, with world class facilities for food and food products. I can get flavored roasted beans at my local grocery, though who know how old they are. An alternative is good old Amazon or regular coffee product purveyors by internet.

          • It’s interesting how we have so many coffee roasters and brew pubs in Albuquerque. I don’t like beer, but a lot of people do.

            • I’d love that, Tim. Of course, Albuquerque is (I think) a desirable place to live regardless. I do like beer, though I rarely drink it unless it’s with a meal in a restaurant. I like wine better, though I rarely drink it, either.

          • Yes, the food choices are insane here! There are also mom and pop restaurants that are yummy, especially the authentic Mexican dishes.

            • That;s where eating at restaurants in this area gets fun, too. Lots of Mexican restaurants run by immigrant Mexican families, with abuela making tortillas from scratch and that sort of thing. (I feel like risking COVID-19 right now for some of that yummy food…and a blended lime margarita because that’s the way I flhy!)

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