Amazon Can’t Deliver Peanuts On Time?

I had given up on getting these two bottles of unsalted peanuts that I can’t find in stores anywhere in town! What the hell, Amazon? I’m not a huge fan of this behemoth company but will purchase certain items from them occasionally. Then yesterday I received this email from them. OK, Amazon. I’ve drove by your mega behemoth warehouse in the northeast area of the valley a few times. And in all that space, there are zero bottles of unsalted peanuts? 😂😑

3 thoughts on “Amazon Can’t Deliver Peanuts On Time?

  1. With all of the hoarding due to the COVID-19 pandemic Amazon has also sold out of a lot of things. Who knows when the supply lines will get back to normal, if such a thing exists. I hope you get you peanuts soon. It’s a bitch to have to wait!

    • Funny you would comment on this as I was just thinking about how much I dislike those stores. I won’t set foot in them. It’s as though these companies don’t take into consideration that many folk have high blood pressure and just can’t eat the salted version. I’ve come to like the unsalted taste better, you can actually taste the nut! I buy those off-brands…

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