Good Morning, Sunshine!

It’s a beautiful sunny morning in Las Vegas Valley! I love waking up to this view. Today will bring sunshine and seventy beautiful degrees, a slight cooling trend comes in the new week with temps in the sixties. Sweet, and not a flake of snow in sight. ğŸŒ´ğŸŒµğŸ˜Ž

Can you tell in the photo that I have been reducing the file size of my photos? The storage space fiasco for this site has been solved by reducing file size which is something I never wanted to do. I reduced the size before, but not this much.

This image is around 200kb hence you can see some Banding in the blue sky portion. Not good but the rest of the photo is not affected.

9 thoughts on “Good Morning, Sunshine!

    • You’ve been on a long holiday down there I am guessing, you’ve captured so many beautiful photos Donna! My sister lives in FT Meyers, she said it was beautiful on the beach this morning.

      • Been down here since first of year. 🙂 Yes, it was gorgeous this morning, I actually went birding to a couple locations by car before noon. Fun time!

    • So welcome, haha! We need this too but it just doesn’t happen enough. Last year’s Monsoon Season here didn’t deliver much rain as past years in my view.

  1. Hi Jet, thanks! We’ve had plenty of rain the last few days and flash flooding. That system has move east. I saw on TWC this morning that So Cal is getting dumped on now or soon. Any rain we get here is so appreciated! Droughts suck…

  2. I hope you enjoy your beautiful day, John. Thanks for this spot of sunshine, it’s raining with a bit of snow today where I live, so your bright photo was appreciated.

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