Refilling The Pharmacy

As you can see in this photo I have to take too many drugs daily. I’m just 59 years young so this seems way wrong but then consider that isn’t it all about the genes we are born with? Heart issues run in my family which brought about diabetes and high blood pressure. I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure in 2002 and am still alive and kicking ass! It could be worse. The bottles are turned around so that you can’t see any information on them. 😬

11 thoughts on “Refilling The Pharmacy

  1. Oh my – that’s a lot to keep track of. (cool photo by the way…). Thank goodness, though, that you have access to them. Too bad there’s not a cure among them!

  2. At least 11 is a good prime number. DNA is not always on your side. I’m a product of the nuclear tests from your state (my dad was radioactive when I was conceived from fallout while working on the H-bomb tests), and I was a blue baby, both of which are most likely responsible for the cancers I’ve been through. I am fortunate, however, that after all the medical stuff I’ve been through I have no prescription drugs I have to take. The only drug I take daily is cimetidine for acid reflux, but I’ve had to take it for years. It’s an old drug but a good one.

    • Wow Timothy, I’m sorry about all the problems you’ve had. War is evil. Your darn lucky to take just one medication daily! I’m a fighter when it comes to this medical shit, I won’t back down and will do what it takes to keep going.

      • You are fortunate to have the drugs available to keep you going. I have not problem with the wonder drugs available today.

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