You read that title correctly! The other day in the grocery store I was hunting for Angel Hair noodles but guess what? Every. Single. Box. of noodles were gone except this one box of Wheat Lasagna noodles. What a crock. Without going on a rant about this I will say that cooking these noodles took much more time than Angel Hair noodles of course.

Is it any good? Well, I’ve never been a fan of Wheat noodles but they do work. It’s rather time consuming to break up the large, flat noodles as they very slowly soften in the 212+ degree water. This ‘dish’ is edible but eating the thicker noodles is an odd texture and takes a bit more chewing. Yuk. But it’s decent and filling. Honestly, I am grateful for this Lasagnaghetti.

It doesn’t look too delectable but it’s decent and keeps you going. πŸ™πŸ»

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    • Ha ha good one! Just got back from the grocer, got one gallon of water, some mac noodles, spag. sauce and some beer along with a couple more packs of beef jerky. Shelves are bare…

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