Three Locked

A few years ago I worked at a U Haul location. What’s going on in this image? Your renters contract states a customer can place only one lock on their unit. Obviously this joker can’t read. Each morning I would take a walk around the entire interior and exterior of the building. One reason for that was to look for what you see here.

I placed the third lock on the unit to basically force the customer to come to the main office. Hah. All they need do is remove the second lock. I also came across units where it was obvious that the customer has been sleeping in the unit which is a huge no no!

Another customer had two units side by side that he abandoned, leaving me to clean all the crap out and haul it to the big steel bins. Thanks a lot asshole. I also had to clean a unit within twenty four hours after a customer moves out per company policy. And baby that’s a hot job here in the desert in a non air conditioned building.

It may not seem like it but the job wasn’t all that bad, what was bad was the pay. Another two bucks per hour would have been sufficient considering the labour involved and the summer heat as well as dealing with cleaning up after pig customers. In the end I left the job because of the shitty disrespectful management.

That’s a very common reason why employees leave a job in my life’s experiences. The soon to be wife was a really sweet woman. What I would not continue to put up with was a man younger than me who was retired military constantly talking at, through and down to me at any opportunity. That’s abusive. And he was a few years younger than I. That matters.

I hope you’ve never had to deal with asshole management in your work experiences!!

6 thoughts on “Three Locked

    • Honestly I liked most of the work be it hot, dirty and gritty when cleaning lockers/units. The rest was pretty easy. It’s the bonehead manager that drove me out.

  1. Crappy managers suck. I’ve had some crappy jobs, literally cleaning shit, but most managers I’ve had were decent. However, I’ve been a manager for the past 30 years or so now.

    • I hope your a good manager! I worked a grounds job at a private estate in Michigan for 20+ years, never had a problem. Been retired for a while now.

      • I encourage staff to mostly manage themselves, and I keep things moving along and in budget the best I can. I allow staff to set their own schedules and give them as much flexibility as I can. I have very little turnover.

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