Touchdown: Home

It’s always nice to land back home in Las Vegas at our McCarran International Airport! The intersection you see just before touchdown is Eastern Avenue at Sunset Road, one of my favorite places to photograph airliners as they approach touchdown. I stand right under the aircraft where I just flew over, such a rush with the sound and proximity of the aircraft!

10 thoughts on “Touchdown: Home

  1. John, have you seen the Thunderbirds recently? They conducted Joint Training with the Blue Angels in El Centro this winter, but the air show season seems to be on hold for now.

    • Sort of, when I worked at a U Haul location here near Nellis AFB, they were flying, training I suppose. I have a short video of it. I refollowed you, thought I already was…

  2. John, when did you start on Vimeo? I tried the free trial, but decided to stay with YouTube because I’ve built a community there. Plus, there’s the cost factor.

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