My Homeland

An old buddy of mine sent me this photo of his front yard in Michigan this morning. Brr! It was twelve degrees overnight there a couple days ago. Brr!! This location is very close to where I lived and man does it look odd to me after living in the Mojave Desert for seven years now. I do miss riding a snowmobile though… I grew up with one under my ass!! 😂🥰

7 thoughts on “My Homeland

  1. Wow it’s pretty to look at from afar. I’ve never lived in snow, as I kid I felt I must be missing out. As an adult I can think of the ways it must be difficult to live in.

    • You are lucky! My old house isn’t far from here. I remember spinning out in my Pontiac car on the way to High School one winter morning.

      Honestly, it was a damn good thing the traffic light was red in the oncoming lane. Stuff you never forget, right?

      Growing up driving on that chit, you learn how to properly handle a car or truck. Folks out here – stupid when it comes to driving on wet roads Sandra. I actually will stay home when it’s raining because soon you hear the sirens screaming down the road a bit away from me. No skills…

      • That’s a really good point I never thought of that. If you can learn to drive in the snow u can drive thru any conditions. Where I grew up pea soup fog was/is common. Not the same but you could tell the people who were experienced driving through it and the ding-a-lings that were passing through town. Speeding and passing others on a country road 2lane highway when the line is solid. Lost a few friends in high school that way.

        • Oh man, I’m so sorry about your friends, Sandra. After High School I eventually moved to the country in a different county. Those roads have a set of dangers all their own including a deer I hit in 1998… Grrr!

          • Thanks John! Yeah, it was very sad. looking back now I really feel for their parents. Yikes deer are spooky when they gracefully leap out at you from no where! Why why why do they do that?! Glad you’re ok after that!

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