Quarantine: Backyard

I am fully aware how redundant my backyard photos are but honestly, it’s a nice bright spot in my days. I scuffle-hoe those pesky weeds that go POP! overnight seemingly by magic right out of the ground, root and all. Weeds suck. I keep that wonderfully green faux grass blown and picked clean daily as well. A few minutes ago I found some nasties out front, two more kills for the old hoe. I have another set of these taken today for later. Pardon my redundancy!

11 thoughts on “Quarantine: Backyard

  1. John, Your yard looks a lot better than mine. One part is shady and no matter how hard I try, it’s difficult to get grass to grow there well. I like your photos but am wondering if you would mind a small critique? The shadows created by all that sunshine might be interesting in and of themselves if you shot tighter and created a more abstract view of those items. The deep shadow of the palm buffeted by the luscious green surrounding it. Shooting tight on the legs and shadow of the patio bench gives it defined leading lines and nice kodalith look that creates mystery. I see you see these things, but as an instructor of some photo classes, am just trying to push you a little more in your seeing during these time enriched periods. Take care, hope you are not offended. jerry

  2. Hey, all that counts is that you have a backyard you can escape to. Many confined to their homes in the cities don’t have that luxury. So keep that barbecue burning 🙂

  3. One good thing about having to stay home so much is that we get a lot more done around the house and yard. Yours looks like there isn’t a blade out of place. It’s probably a happy event when a weed pops up and gives you something to do.

    • Thank you Sandra! I use it year round, the cushions for the couch come out of the closet in summer. I don’t like the rain all over them as they seem to retain too much water.

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