Staying In, Staying Home

Here’s a small piece of my self-imposed quarantine: End Table Items. Two way radios, my phone and some water. Oh, and a weather station. To my left is the TV controller, an iPad and the MacBook Pro. So this is being stuck at home eh? Obviously things could be so much worse.

10 thoughts on “Staying In, Staying Home

  1. I still haven’t purchased my ‘retirement radio’ but looking at a nice Yeasu + a vertical (small garden (or yard, in American). CW is my thing. Can only think we Morse men must be a dying breed. And, by the way, hope you are staying safe over there. The figures coming out of the US are truly frightening.

      • You can ham it up. Do you have a 40 meter rig? You could talk to other hams around the word and get the real scoop on life in other countries.

        • I’ve never used a radio that transmitted below 10 metres, the HF bands never interested me to transmit in but I did plenty of SWL’ing over the years. My radios are strictly VHF/UHF. Much more fun and interesting. The HOA here would never allow a big tower.

          • We had a 75 feet high tower on our property for years. About 10 years after the Village incorporated in 1971 the counsel set a 30 feet maximum for towers and structures, so we had to take the top 45 feet of the tower down.

            • That’s bunk if I may please say so. Also, it’s a pre-existing structure. Grandfathering? Licensed hams have an option to invoke a specific law created for this scenario on the basis of public health and safety in times of emergencies. This has allowed many radio nutters like me to install towers on a smaller lot. I’d have a 30/40 footer if I could but that doesn’t get ya over the mountains!! 😂

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