Palmy Skies

These photos were taken yesterday around mid afternoon after a few rain showers had moved out of the valley. The palm tree looks really nice at this angle doesn’t it? This morning I made a food, water and beer run and found good success at a local chain market store. I added more water to the supply I have stashed and bought several new food items to add to my stockpile. Wow, how things have changed. I believe this situation will pass in time. Be safe my friends!

14 thoughts on “Palmy Skies

  1. Love those palms, John!! I’m still enjoying mine, but not for long…..we need to head back north in a week or so. Winter vacation in Florida to end. 🙁

  2. I’m amazed at the number of hysterical people who still post divisive politically charged messages on facebook, even at this time when we should all be pulling together to beat this pandemic. They must be so full of hate. It’s a wonder they can stand to live with themselves. And you may have noticed that most of these postings come from one side. It’s a great relief to be able to look at some palm trees as a pleasant change from the lunatics’ postings.

    • Thank you for your kind comment, Anneli! Tune out of FB and other media sources. You’ll relax a bit. I’ve never used FB because of the bad things I hear about what has happened to people there. It’s abused and abusive. Shame on those people spewing hate at this time! 🤬

      • I have the bare minimum on fb and don’t get involved in all that stuff, but I look at what others post sometimes. I agree with you about the trolls out there cruising for some vulnerable person, but it’s the fanatics that get to me. They have themselves convinced that their way is the right way and they are doing the world a favour by going against whatever the majority decide. I’m always shocked when I hear people proudly announce that they are activists, as if that were a legitimate profession. They might as well be saying, “I’m a shipq disturber, and an expert on everything.” Sorry to be using your page to rant. I’ll be quiet now.

        • Those who believe that they have the right way and the right to make decisions for all in America sound to me like our liberal domocraps, or socialist democraps in this country. These people are despised by myself and those who are far right-wing conservatives. This is why I stopped listening and viewing the propaganda news in this country years ago.

  3. I love the detail you captured on the palm. Really nice job John! I sit here and wonder how our lives have become like this as we get excited over finding simple little things that we once never thought twice over and now have to go to several grocery stores to be able to put together a full meal. Stay safe!

  4. Cool shots John! I like the shadow of the palm in the yard. We are doing as well as can be. I’m feeling a bit scared today. I think I need to limit my news intake. Too much to take in.

    • Thanks Sandra, I keep my little backyard spiffy. An oasis of sanity in a crazy time. I strongly suggest cutting your news intake waaay back. I have for years actually because of politics but this virus is another good reason to turn off, tune out. Be well! 😎🌴

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