25 thoughts on “Unusual Cakes You’ll Like!

  1. See, when I typed the code it displaced one of the closing tags … [<]. But you get the idea. Just insert this code before and after the code for the video player. Make sure you include the tag [<] at the front of this code.

    • That code won’t work in my theme apparently. It’s no big deal, but the damn video should align center!

    • Update: I went back to Vimeo and used the Embed code – bingo. Video is centered and full size. It now has the option to alter the video size. I should have thought of this!

      • Whatever you did changed the privacy settings because the video disappeared from my blog. There’s only a message that reads:

        “Due to privacy settings this video cannot play here.”

        No worries. I just deleted the post.

        • I owe you an apology Dave, I did go into my account and change all 12 video sharing settings. I shouldn’t have encouraged this. Apologies, sir.

          • No apologies necessary. I used to store my photos on Google’s Picasa, but they discontinued it in 2016. The photos were imported to Google Photos, Google Albums, Google+ … but all of these were either discontinued, or modified. Links would be broken causing the photos to vanish from my blog. Those of us who use YouTube have a nagging concern that Google may one day discontinue that platform.

            Photobucket was so unreliable. It always crashed and broke my links. I never tried Flickr, but I hear it isn’t what it used to be. When you add it all up, the cake video issue was … a piece of cake!

            [WordPress might want to rethink the Share button. Imagine if you posted a lot of shared videos on your blog, and those blogs were deleted, or changed their address. You’d have a lot of blank pages on your blog.]

          • It’s just after 10 PM, and I notice that your post is displaying the same privacy message in WordPress Reader though it appears to be working on your blog.

      • Thanks for letting me share. I had to add code as well to keep it centered. This gave me an idea. I don’t think sharing counts against your cap space. That might be a way to add a few more miles to my blog.

        • How did you center it? I tried two different sets of HTML… WP needs to allow the purchase of more storage space in place of forcing people spend $300 bucks per year they may not have just for the space and a bunch of plugins they may not need or want. Shame on this company!

          • (This may not work because when you enter code it may format the comment.)

            In Text mode (HTML) you enclose the code for the video player between this code:


            p style=”text-align: center;”>

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