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  1. Did you ever follow the story that these transmission lines were supposedly the cause of “cancer clusters” among children? It was a mystery as to why specific areas of the country reported higher incidences of childhood cancer. The common denominator is that a school or township was located near transmission lines such as these. Fallon, Nevada was one of the epicenters of childhood cancer.

    • I have never subscribed to that theory David. Consider that electricity is in the walls of your home too albeit at a much lower voltage. It’s the same thing as cell phones causing brain cancer or cancers from the very tiny bit of RF energy coming from the antenna.

      • The CDC, in their final report published in 2003, surmised that the cancers were caused by environmental contamination. Churchill County, where Fallon sits, is contaminated with a number of heavy metals and pesticides. Scientists detected arsenic, uranium, DDT, and various other contaminants in the soil and water. Residents are actually drinking unsafe levels of arsenic! But what was uniquely detected was a high level of Tungsten — a highly toxic, radioactive substance. I don’t think I’ll be moving to Churchill County any time soon.

        • Holy crap that’s so terrible!! I feel bad for the folks there, perhaps they went after someone or a business entity for compensation? That crap should never, ever happen.

          • When I was a kid, DDT was legal. Mosquitoes are a plague every summer in the California desert so, in those days, the city used to drive DDT trucks through the neighborhood. The trucks ran on a schedule — just like the sanitation trucks — so we knew to be locked inside at 6 PM on Wednesday when the DDT truck drove through. Another truck would precede the sprayer by sounding a screeching alarm. That would alert all of the kids, who were playing outside, to run home. The unspoken truth was that the DDT wasn’t stopped by a closed window, or locked door. It entered through door cracks and window sills. The smell inside the home was gagging. We were all being poisoned, and 50 years later are suffering with a variety of chronic ailments. Who can we sue? The alternative would have been to die from malaria.

            • That’s really sad and disgusting, David! I remember something about this evil chemical. I’m 59 so it seems familiar. Those responsible are all gone now I suppose. I’m not from Nevada but I do love the fact that bugs in general are rather rare here. I can leave a door or window open, no skeeters but watch out for the scorpions… Imagine trying to spray DDT in California today – the Liberals would explode.

              • Eagles started to recover after they banned DDT. Mosquito-borne illnesses are a scourge around the world so there are some who would like to bring back DDT.

                  • DEET is probably the most effective, and widely used repellent for personal use. There are a number of synthetic and botanical repellents, but they don’t kill like DDT.

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