How Old Is This?

Do you remember the old days of Radio Shack? Back in the day they were my go-to store for many electronic items, even less costly ham radio gear. Today the company is in my view just a shadow of what is was thirty years ago. Radio Shack is hanging on by just a few threads. This radio is actually new, just out of the box. I bought it more for it’s nostalgia than anything else but the cheap little radio works very well actually. Visit what’s left of the company here.

8 thoughts on “How Old Is This?

      • Tandy Leather shops were similar to RS. They were everywhere, and sold do-it-yourself leather crafts: wallets, key chains, belts etc. I think the Tandy company still exists but the stores aren’t around. I always thought of Tandy and RS as having different product genres, but similar business models.

  1. Back in the day, Radio Shack was very concentrated … sort of like Starbuck’s, but on a smaller scale. Same-store sales suffered because they cannibalized the customer base. Then management made a decision to focus half their business on cell phones which produce a smaller margin than higher-end electronics. Finally, they were late to the game with online marketing. Amazon and Best Buy had already cornered that market. When I was a kid, going to “The Shack” was like going to the candy store. I still have an old Radio Shack transistor radio that works great though it probably should be in a museum. Do any young people own transistor radios, or is that too fogey?

    • I remember having a little transistor radio too! I believe your chain of events and bad decisions for the company, sad isn’t it? Where I lived in Michigan we had a brick and mortar store that had all the radios. I wish I’d have kept all of those cool radios, dang!!

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