People Out and About

It’s both nice to see people at the park and not. Should people be doing this? Are they not taking this dangerous situation seriously? I shouldn’t be be out either.

That’s a bit of snow atop 6500+ foot Gass Peak far away.

6 thoughts on “People Out and About

  1. Last I know, you can go outside to parks, etc that are open but you need to stay 6 feet apart except families who like together and children cannot use playground equipment. But, the rules change daily, it seems so….

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  2. Yesterday, I got escorted off the Mission Bay bike path because the City of San Diego has closed the beaches.

    Last week, the governor ordered everyone to stay home, but the Spring Breakers were out en masse on Saturday so the Mayor ordered the beaches closed.

    Scofflaws face six months in jail and/or a $1000 fine. I didn’t see any patrols today, but entrances are barricaded, and some are manned by local police.

    I’m working on a video to upload to my blog and YouTube.

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